photography/art direction/video production/marketing

  • Soulection / Soulection Supply - Art Direction + Editorial
  • Andre Power - Creative Content  & Social Media Marketing
  • Carrots by Anwar Carrots - E-Commerce Photography
  • Rare Panther - E-Commerce Photography
  • I Love Ugly - USA Creative Content & Marketing Manager
  • Fruition Las Vegas Photo/Art Direction/Styling
  • HYPEBEAST - Editorials, Interviews, Event Photography
  • A Day To Remember Concert Photography
  • SSUR NY/LA Product Photography
  • PUIS-JE VIVRE Art Direction
  • Youtube Space LA Freelance Video Editing
  • Crayola  - Art Department
  • Mohawk General Store - Senior Photographer/Retoucher
  • A$AP Rocky x Dior - BTS Photographer/Videographer
  • Ensoie - E-Commerce Photography
  • Prototype - Art Direction/Photography

Born and raised in New York City and moving from Orlando, FL after living there since High School, the 23 year old currently resides in the city of angels, Los Angeles. Ricardo Emmanuel is a Passion-driven creative who seeks to push boundaries and limits when it comes to expressing his vision. Drawing from cultural influences, his art direction is driven with the intentions to capture or create memories through his work. Ricardo Emmanuel prefers to focus more on the process, and less on the result in order to tell a story.