photography/art direction - ricardo emmanuel

Andre Power Art Direction

by ricardo emmanuel


photography/art direction/directed by ricardo emmanuel

model - Chasen L.

Shot and Directed by Ricardo Emmanuel 

On Friday the 10th of June, I Love Ugly & POW Recordings collaborated together to host an exclusive in-store performance of Chester Watson & Psymun, in the I Love Ugly flagship store in La Brea. Directed by Ricardo Emmanuel 

Directed by Ricardo Emmanuel

concert photography

by ricardo emmanuel

HYPEBEAST x Mike Will Made it x Rae Sremmurd - Art Basel

photography/words by Ricardo Emmanuel


photography/art direction - ricardo emmanuel

models - Alyisia B. + Wes P. 

Valerie Julian x Fruition

photography/art direction - ricardo emmanuel


photography/art direction/directed by ricardo emmanuel

"Daily Entree"

Photography/Art Direction - ricardo emmanuel

model - John Lopez

Directed by: @rickydirects Co-Directed by: John Paul Model: Alexandra Armenti Scoring: Outside(Sango Remix) Location: Blu On The Avenue Visual curated to show case The Daily Entrée's "Kitchen Staff Tee". The video starts off showcasing the cook who's looking into becoming the "Les Sous Chef". As the video progresses, she "works" for the crown which in this case is the Kitchen Staff Tee. From the moment the shirt is "served" the cook now wears the shirt with confidence showcasing the details of the Kitchen Staff Tee. The 86 represents the term used in a Kitchen indicating that the item ordered is sold out, ran out of it, not in house for the night.